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My Story

    I am an adopted daughter of midwestern parents who settled in California. I was adopted as an infant, they being the only parents I knew, and they were respected as such. Everything was done in the context of love, with the tools they themselves knew and were raised with. I have an older brother, also adopted from separate parents.

   I will tell you first off, I have gone deep down the rabbit hole of psychology, self help, spirituality, self empowerment and eventually laws of attraction and how your own core thoughts, beliefs and mindset really do define your own character. I remain open minded to all aspects of anyone's personal journey and current beliefs. My mission is to use the wisdom and understanding of what I have learned to help inspire others to do the same.

   My family is one that, even with good intentions, was filled with emotional abandonment, invalidation of self. I was raised with methods of control, manipulation, emotional abuse and eventual sibling sexual abuse all through generational programming. I now see psychologically "why" it happened. I have learned to forgive and release those emotions and patterns of low self worth stemming from the programming I was raised with. I have also realized I am very much "in tune" with my intuition, always have been thoughout my life. I have found my own worth, feel safe within myself and strive to guide others to find themselves as well. The level of peace you can tap into is immeasurable. If I connect with one person, then I've served my purpose. 

   I am excited to guide you on your own journey to explore and encourage your own growth and mindset. 

   "Energy attracts like energy. Be what you want to attract. Believe it in order to attract it". 


Find your inner power and strength to create the life you deserve!

You can achieve anything you  believe in your heart.

Release your mind and the heart will lead you...

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