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My name is Mary, and I am an empath,  intutive guide, spiritual life coach and law of attraction teacher. I use my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and channeling to assist others in peeling away layers and patterns of limited thinking to gain a deeper understanding of self to restore one's own core beliefs. I assist others to reconnect with their own inner guidance, so they themselves are able to shift their mindset and awareness from lack to positive flow of abundance and prosperity in the long view of your path through life. I'm not showing you how to get rich, I'm showing you how to do the work to create your own story. I'm able to channel messages from those around you or your own guides to help you along the way. A message from spirit, maybe when you need to hear it, if you ask, or they step in to guide you. My mission is to help those who are searching for answers, so if you found this page you're here for a reason. Everything has a purpose. Nothing happens by chance...

  • Empath

  • Clairaudient

  • Clairvoyant

  • Clairsentient

  • Intuitive Channel

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